Case study 4

Sport can become a strategic way to boost tourism, especially in depressed areas. “Sports tourism” has been defined by some practitioners in tourism as an attempt on the part of tourism facility managers (hotel or destination) to attract tourists by deliberately promoting its sport services and facilities along with its amenities.

Sports tourism has been adopted by many countries in the last twenty years or in the form of high-prized sporting events. However, instead of sporting events, we will study how to use sports as a mean to improve skills. Consider developing lists of athletes, formers professional athletes or Sport Federations that may be willing to accept tourists for the purpose of helping them to improve particular skills on their active and healthy life, a lot of local stakeholders could be create effective networks to plan a common strategy.  Furthermore combining sport tourism with wellness and cultural travel it is possible to give good opportunities to make experience on different European local characteristics.


Our Pillars:

  1. To establish a multidisciplinary approach (health and welness, cultural and heritage values) and multidisciplinary teamworks
  2. To improve competences, new skills, and entrepreneurship in strategic areas (new business models)
  3. To favour networking activities
  4. To define Strategy: Sports tourism Plan and an effective marketing Plan


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