Why Casa Europa

PhotoFunia-1457693158Casa Europa was born from the passion I have always had for one of the biggest projects in our history. Despite the complexity of the requests brought to the supranational attention which is often difficult to manage, the European Union remains a community that always pays attention to the needs of citizens, businesses and institutions with a lot of opportunities that are easily known but not easily accessible, also due to difficulties in " modus operandi "and in the strategies to be adopted.
The access to opportunities is a laborious journey in terms of commitment and resources but also rewarding. In fact, once the result is achieved, the development does not involve only the individual but an entire territorial system on several levels. For this reason, I firmly believe in participatory planning that starts from the first table (the European project designer, the innovator, the communicator ...) and extends to the network of stakeholders necessary to support the initiative. Becoming a strategic factor also in the field of consultancy to the individual, his ideas, and his needs.
My path starts with the deepening of European policies and then focuses on design techniques, coordination, and consultancy since the early 2000s.
In recent years my work has evolved thanks to the extension of collaborative bridges with other professionals, with institutions territorial and with European networks.
C…like CASA…Europa…it is the tool and the added value of a community, but everything is built brick by brick, opening the door to the extension of the networks.

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