JPI: a healthy diet for a healthy life: what challenges for the future?

The need for more diffusion of the awareness of the health condition of European citizens linked to diet and the correct lifestyle starts in 2010. In that year when the EU Member States decide to open a discussion at European level for shared planning, based on:

-trends linked to aging populations

-the growing social and economic due cause of diseases such as diabetes, cardiac and cardiovascular on the one hand and nutrients deficiency in target groups of the population on the other hand. And here is the general objective: by 2030 all citizens will have the motivation, the opportunity and the ability to consume a healthy diet, thanks to the variety of foods, as well as adequate levels of physical activity that will reflect on a significant decrease in the incidence of food-related diseases.


On the macro level: facilitating national coordination with the involvement of policy and various stakeholders as well as stimulating scientific collaboration to generate new knowledge, sharing data on nutrition and health, improving existing skills.

On the micro-level: for those working in individual and/or group consultancy, given the importance of the challenge, the EU recommends the multidisciplinary approach which includes biological, ecological, psychological, sociological, economic, and socio-economic aspects.

And here is the path open to collaborative and interdisciplinary teamwork so dear to us!

On which pillars are stakeholders research-oriented?

Diet and physical activity

Diet and food production

Diet linked to chronic diseases

You can participate in research development work through the Call for expression of Interests and the Call for proposal, that include these issues, taking advantage of the support of European Programs such as ERA-NET and HORIZON 2020.

Sources  to work on the topic:

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