EN ROUTE is a European project aims at diffusing shared knowledge of skills in the sport and tourism sector, promoting visibility as a condition for validation and certification at the European level.
The high added value of sport tourism as promotion of health, social well-being for all, in the sustainable concept of environmentally friendly and accessible tourism and for urban regeneration are fields of actions of the project. Accordingly to the evident shortage skills’ recognition and validation of sport job profiles, more multi-disciplinary learning approaches are needed, as well as systematic research of mapping of sport profiles skills, developed especially in non-formal and informal contexts.


Our involvement in the ENROUTE project has foreseen/expected:

– Definition of the project idea

– Design of the whole project

– Coordination of WP2 Research

– Training in the path for a new professional profile of “Sport and tourism outdoor manager”

– Contribution to the drafting of the Toolkit and the Research Guidelines


Erasmus+ Programme – KA2 Action Strategic Partnership – VET Innovation


Define a new cross-sectoral professional profile between sport and tourism, create a common European Framework of competences in 5 countries (Italy, Spain, Holland, Republic of Macedonia, Romania), with the same descriptive levels, the same attribution of credits and the release of a final badge recognized at European level.

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