BULLDOG PROJECT – Anti-bullying Game

The project’s main goal is to prevent and combat bullying, discrimination, and intolerance in team sports by developing a big, innovative, anti-bullying game, the Bulldog game, using modern technology and anti-bullying activities in sports grounds. ​In particular:

  • Identify athletes vulnerable to bullying
  • Identify athletes with aggressive/violent behavior
  • Identify athletes that can become role models
  • Protect bully-victims in team sports
  • Educate athletes and coaches
  • Encourage vulnerable to bullying athletes participate in team sports
  • Raise awareness against bullying, violence, discrimination in sports


Our intervention aims to identify the different expressions of the phenomenon of bullying (racism; discrimination) and its main factors (identification and isolation of the victim; harassment; aggressiveness; violence; group acceptance), creating videos diffusing through mobile-app with survey related to the concrete situation. In particular, we have:1. Written and produced videos with the collaboration of physical education teachers and coaches2. Defined for each video the training objective and the questions for the survey


EU Erasmus+ Programme.


Support the actors of the videos (young athletes from 9 to 13 years old) and their families in a “strong” emotional experience in order to make the scene as realistic as possible.


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